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Exposing Dark Money Influence
Fighting Judicial Corruption
Building Toward a Better Democracy


The Threat

What We’re Up Against

An anti-democracy faction has hijacked and now controls a durable 6-3 majority on the U.S. Supreme Court. The product of a 50-year special-interest campaign, this supermajority is doing its funders’ bidding by delivering sweeping repeals of precedents to undo the economic and social progress of the 20th Century.


Unconstrained by principle or enforceable ethics rules and insulated by life tenure, right-wing justices are rewriting the Constitution to expand their power, erode fundamental freedoms, and break the levers of democratic pushback.

The Mission

Our Purpose

Court Accountability is uniquely dedicated to combating judicial corruption and abuse of power through thought leadership, deep investigative research, and movement engagement. 

After years without Congress or the media providing any meaningful oversight of the judiciary, Court Accountability was founded in summer 2023 to generate a more robust response to repeated judicial corruption scandals and anti-democratic attacks on American freedoms in the Supreme Court and other federal and state courts.


The Work

What We Do 




Expose the dark money influences of judicial capture and corruption




Develop rapid response communications to educate Americans across the political spectrum




Support our advocacy partners in helping drive congressional action around judicial capture


We generate explosive headlines and drive measurable policy, public opinion, and thought leadership impacts. A leveraged, network-based model is key to our strategy and we frequently serve as a force multiplier for the pro-democracy movement.


We aim to fortify the movement’s constitutional vision and infrastructure, reframe media coverage of the law and courts, and raise the salience of the courts as an issue in need of public attention.


All of these goals are in service of bringing about the structural court reforms we need to check the counter-majoritarian judicial power and restore the promise of democracy.

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